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This blog reflects my obsession with things that require money that I don't have. I'm Ruth, and I like fashion.

Daisy Lowe is my new girl crush

I am ecstatic that the beautiful Miss Lowe is the poster girl for the clothes show live this year. She is just fabulous in every way possible. I mean look at her. LISTEN TO HER.
I can’t believe it’s only 3 days until the clothes show, it’s my 5th year running and I still hype up like a little girl :’)



Oooh, Nandos

look at this amazing lampshade that was above our table in nandos


I want one for my room !

and of course our beautiful meals



I wish I could pull off this look


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swooning over these

Chloe ankle boots


Planning to look for cheapskate version at the clothes show in a couple of weeks 🙂

Lush’s Christmas Collection is HERE!♥


Lush is just so….lush!!

Ginger Twine

Best Wishes

A true classic; you will all have probably seen this one before, as it has been our favourite for years with its handmade paper and beautiful ribbon.  Best Wishes looks so traditional, which makes it great for lots of different people. Get a few extras to have under the tree just in case someone pops around unexpectedly!

Contains: So White Bath Bomb, Snowcake Soap and The Melting Snowman Bath Melt


All I Want for Christmas

Christmas Candy Box


A Lush favourite of sweet and candy scented products in a re-usable, mini hat-box.  Give to someone who has a sweet tooth, but doesn’t want the calorie intake!  It contains all the sweet treats we could find, including our global seasonal best seller Snow Fairy shower gel and the new Candy Cane pepperminty soap. Contains : Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, So White Bath Ballistic, Snowfairy Shower Gel 100g, Snowfairy…

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      I had a minor breakdown yesterday because the blazer I was planning to wear to my friends party on Saturday was DESTROYED by my ‘beloved’ cat.(check him out here I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! I literally sprinted to the high street to find a new one but they all seemed to […]

Christmas nail art

some of my favourite Xmas nail ideas, that I will most definitely be attempting with my Rio nail art set. I’m feeling all festive : )


love the glitter


this matches a jumper I have!




adorable Rudolfs (or is it Rudolph?)



I’m planning to get my inner conch am forward helix done on my right This is my current ear:


my tragus closed up though 😦

leggings obsession

my new galaxy leggings


And i found my long-lost topshop jumper!
don’t you just love it when you think you lost something 🙂

the incredible lipstick


I have rediscovered my most fabulous possesion. From Barry M, its GREEN but turns into a perfect pink that matches your individual skin tone by detecting light and temperature as soon as it hits your lips. soooo underated.