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Month: December, 2012

Can you believe this is wallpaper

Latest nail expeiments

This is actually so easy just paint them gold, then once dry place sellotape in two straight lines around a triangle shape, fill the gap blue and peel off, then use matte finish top coat

my friends haha leapord print and daisies


And christmassy blue 🙂


And green!

Kill Your Pain In Style

just wow ok

Christmas Party make up

Zebra Nails

i am so proud of these 🙂


It’s my birthday!


my favourite pressies from today 🙂 apart from the laptop i am typing on (wahoo) .

My friend got me this which is excellent and i’d recommend it to anyone who says their hand isnt steady enough for flicks!



So easy to apply!

Getting Shirty



£15, blue rinse vintage @ clothes show
Love the Parisian print

Bored of babysitting


So I decided to crack open my new polish, was only £4 at the clothes show

Live Your Dreams


dreamsNow I just have to figure out what exactly my dreams are. What are yours?

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Daisy Lowe is my new girl crush

I am ecstatic that the beautiful Miss Lowe is the poster girl for the clothes show live this year. She is just fabulous in every way possible. I mean look at her. LISTEN TO HER.
I can’t believe it’s only 3 days until the clothes show, it’s my 5th year running and I still hype up like a little girl :’)