My two favourite things: cats, and jumpers

by Urbanity Blog





I had a minor breakdown yesterday because the blazer I was planning to wear to my friends party on Saturday was DESTROYED by my ‘beloved’ cat.(check him out here
I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! I literally sprinted to the high street to find a new one but they all seemed to be in blasted size 6 or 8, and I have freakishy long arms might I add. With no hope left, I decided to step into Dorothy Perkins ( where I never ever shop) and was drawn to the sale section- 40% off, today only! Lucky me! I immediately spotted this sparkly navy thin jumper covered with adorable sequin kittens. Yes, its a sweater for a party, but it looks quite christmassy and formal with my blkack H&m skirt , lace tights, leather jacket. and heels. ANd , with my student discount as well (dp’s is excellent for this:20%) it was a meer £17, reduced from £32. RESULT.
So I forgave my cat for his cruel destruction, as I think cats are the new black.